Wooden Nickel

by Broke String Burnett

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Broke String Burnett's first EP to be released in the summer of 2017!


releases May 1, 2017

Guitar/Vocals - Broke String Burnett
Harmonica/Vocals - Jessica Burnett



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Broke String Burnett Fort Worth, Texas

Brandon and Jessica Burnett are a singer-songwriter duo from Fort Worth, TX. They have proven themselves as innovative and unique musicians. With a repertoire of original songs and a distinctive spin on classic and contemporary cover songs.


Wed. 5/3
The Ranch at Las Colinas 7-10pm
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Track Name: Wooden Nickel
You took the dart out of downtown Fort Worth
With a mouth full of broken teeth
Maybe if you hadn't been in such a rush
You would have noticed
A wooden nickel ain't worth much

In place of cold, hard cash
A wooden nickel won't pass
For cold, hard cash

You took a hand full of splintered wood
Bit off the tip of your tounge
They found you choking in a pool of your own blood
Didn't your grand daddy warn ya

About that cold, hard cash
A wooden nickel won't pass
For cold, hard cash

I didn't want to be the one to tell ya
You don't always get what you want
One day you're gonna look back on this
And you don't want to live with that regret

I was hell bent to be free
I would have given my freedom
Just to give my heart to the World
And have it say "I love you too"

But this life ain't what you're dreaming of
Kid, ya better wake up
And bite that bullet that's wearing a hole inside you
It's at least worth a dime

And that's cold, hard cash
Track Name: Blind Love
Took a leap,
I'd dive right in for you
No thinkin' twice
No second guessing you
But time's got a way of proving me wrong

Guess I thought it was meant to be
Guess I thought it'd really be that easy
But this lonely love has shown me how

You make a fool of me
Darlin' you made a mess of my heart

Took a step and I fell for you
Without looking walked right off the edge for you
Then you said what I thought you'd never say
You'd always stay and never go away
When I was feelin' real low down

You made a fool of me
Darlin' you made a mess of my heart

Goodbye, Fair thee well, so long
I thought I was stronger
But I'm not
Guess I was wrong
Now the day's getting darker
But I see light

You are the light of my life
When I was lost in the dark
You made a home of my heart